The Online Gambling Industry in the EU

European Union does not have any specific legislation regulating online gambling. Separate countries of the union are autonomous when it comes to regulating laws of the industry as long as they comply with the general freedoms of the European Court of Justice. This has to do with the right to open your own business or provide services.

Legislation of Online Casinos in the EU

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That being said, most European Union countries do not ban at least some gambling services that can be found on the Internet. There are countries where any type of online game is allowed, and in others only particular kinds of them: poker, blackjack, sports betting, etc. Some governments of the EU are monopolists of the online gambling market with operators fully controlled and ruled by a state. Nonetheless, more and more European countries are realizing that the system of licensing, allowing multiple operators to provide services, works just fine. The laws of the European Union state that no system has an advantage over any others.  

In this regard, the regulation of online casinos are under control of various  regulatory structures. Countries reserve the right to choose how online gambling is regulated. This allows players to choose online casinos registered in countries where gambling is absolutely legal. 

The Support of the European Commission 

It should be noted that the region is quite progressive when it comes to online gambling. In other developed countries, like Canada or the United States, the industry does not feel so free. Though, Canadians can enjoy gambling on CasinoChan Casino legally with no restrictions whatsoever. But in many states of these countries, it is still completely illegal to register online casinos legally, which negatively affects compliance with the laws. The European Commission strongly supports the desire of countries to improve the legal framework with regard to the regulation of gambling. With this state of affairs, people are less likely to find themselves deceived by dishonest online casinos, and the awareness of the players is getting higher. The European Union is attentive to the problem of gambling addiction and people’s awareness of various possible hazardous consequences. 

Due to the favorable regulatory environment and the recent coronavirus pandemic, more and more people are starting to gamble online. The industry is getting stronger, more and more money and people are involved in it. Avoiding chaos requires careful government oversight. Online casinos in many European countries today openly cooperate, obtaining all the necessary licenses. In order to ensure the integrity of the casino, the player can check the list of licenses, which is usually located at the bottom of the casino page. 

Summing up, it should be noted that the online gambling industry in the European Union is still not ideal. There still are countries where the problems with the black market and illegal websites are on the agenda. However, through joint efforts, the European community has achieved a situation where the most favorable playing conditions in the world have been created for both operators and players. European Union’s plan, for now, is to crack down on illegal offshore websites that still appear occasionally. 

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